GOLDZONE Experience



Program: GOLDZONE Experience
Dates & Locations: Nov 28-30, 2020 - Singapore
Venue: Sentosa, Singapore
9:00am - 7:00pm

Shift Your Consciousness to Increase Your Personal Leadership, Influence, Wealth, Health & Happiness

Updraft Your SUCCESS by 400% to 1,600% With GOLDZONE'S Success System

The GOLDZONE Experience is a three-day experiential seminar designed for motivated and busy people who want to accelerate their SUCCESS in all areas of life, career or business.

It’s about PERSONAL LEADERSHIP and how exercising more leadership will impact and improve all areas of life.

If you want to create more personal FREEDOM for yourself to work the way you want, live where you want, with who you want, doing what you want, in a way that is sustainable, fulfilling and contributes to others, humanity and our global community of fellow travelers on spaceship earth - then this program is for you!

At the end of the day, more freedom requires that you step into a greater level of personal LEADERSHIP and that is why we call it the GOLDZONE Experience.

Why is it called an “Experience?”

We live in experiences. Our memories are comprised of spiritually and emotionally impactful moments that we share with others.

One of the challenges of most lecture style seminars is that they don’t educate us as whole people; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. People learn concepts that they can’t apply and pick up ideas that may not work for them.

Most people find themselves over-developed mentally and physically and underdeveloped spiritually and emotionally. The GOLDZONE Experience addresses this in a safe, fun and relaxing way.

We deliver a holistic experience, in a spectacular environment and carefully sculpt the physical environment, the food, the classroom, the music, the videos, the presentation slides, the dynamic presentation with new and revolutionary content that educates, informs, moves and inspires you to make small, simple changes in your life that produce extraordinary results.This holistic experience will move you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically and in just three days will save you years of time and energy to achieve the same mindset shift – if it is even possible without the input of people like us who have been there and done that.

Exhilarating, fun and entertaining! We like to laugh a lot so don’t come if you can’t laugh.

We have found that when its fun, we remember more, are engaged more, it's more effective and we easily get into and stay in the Goldzone.

From a business point-of-view, business is about people and in the Experience, we take a detailed look at human motivations and behavior including how to attract and retain the best people and relationships.Spiritual Principles of Money, Success, Fulfillment, and Business

Many people don’t realize that their results in life, business and relationships reflect their “inner landscape.” We are often so busy looking to change everything around us and the people in our lives that we don’t stop and consider that perhaps there is something deep within us that needs changing and when this inner change occurs – the outside results change in a very dramatic way.

When you question your assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors towards a particular subject or area – a profound and almost mystical thing happens! Your results change almost immediately to reflect the inner change.

Once you understand this spiritual principle, you will no longer consider attempting to change other people or other things – you will look within yourself for what needs changing in order to get the results you want. The Goldzone Experience is a very carefully constructed learning environment that is safe for you to experiment, make mistakes and learn at a core level how this principle works and how you can use it to create more of what you want.

After that, the only problem you will have is what to do with all the money, love, success and fulfillment that comes into your life!

Your Experience Starts As Soon As You Register!

We send you a link in your confirmation email that contains a six-part Personal Discovery and Optima Zones analysis.

Comprised of six sections, it will take you approximately 1 hour to complete. At the end, you will be provided with a total score, compared to the maximum possible. This will highlight any GAPS and what is possible for improvement.

We will contact you before the live section of your program to answer any questions and help with any arrangements.

Once you arrive at the venue you will receive VIP service. Your next few days unfold in a symphony of experiences, gourmet food, inspiring music, uplifting videos and educational content.

You will have the opportunity to engage in group exercises and discussions. You can ask me questions directly at any time. We provide huge amounts of handouts that explore the content covered in more detail. Presentation slides are made available online for later review.

At all times you are at choice over how you participate and at what level you wish to engage with the other participants and the program leader as the tour guide.

We start and end the day with uplifting videos and at reasonable hours. Time is built in to contemplate and reflect. At the end of the last day, we complete with a dance party!

Once you get home we are available to answer questions and to provide support. You will form new friendships and are connected with the other participants via Facebook groups and local social gatherings.

Why Do Busy & Successful People Attend the GOLDZONE Experience?

Although many people think they have their relationship with money handled, they discover a whole new dimension of relating to themselves and others that have a profound impact on their relationship with money and feeling of fulfillment, success, and peace.

Many super-successful people have sacrificed one area of life for success in another – and this creates a chasm or a deep split on the inside. Leaving them feeling somewhat less than a total success. Perhaps it’s the way they feel about themselves, or the quality (or lack of) connection in their primary relationship.

If you are one of these people, then the GOLDZONE Experience will give you a whole new perspective and “skill set” that will change the way you relate to yourself and others. No matter how well you are doing – there is always a higher level possible!

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Become more successful at what you are doing

  • Move from success to fulfillment

  • Work more effectively with the people in your organization and around you

  • Deal effectively with team members, suppliers or associates

  • Use leverage to accelerate your success

  • Deal with the real causes of stress and imbalance

  • Build lasting relationships in life and business

  • Apply the OPTIMA Zones system to measure your success in all areas and understand what causes results and how to predict behavior


Join Us For This Exciting and Memorable Journey!

      Single Attendee: $3,888.
      Attending with a PARTNER: $3,333 each.
      Attending in GROUP of 10: $2,500 each.
      EASY Payment:
$888 deposit and $550 a month.

Investing in your education is the best investment you can make.

Your Experience Includes:

Packed with unique and usable content, for just $3,888 you receive $14,447 of value!
Comprehensive Personal Discovery, Pre-Program Questionnaire, and ZONE Analysis to begin your program and customize it to my unique situation (valued at $500)
3-Day Program (30 hours)
Full Optima Zones of Life & Business System (valued at $2,500)
Program Materials
Post-Program Personal ZONE Consultation (valued at $250)
Access to the Private Members Facebook Page and Messanger Group Chat to learn, network, share and connect (valued at $88)
GOLD Renaissance for Leaders 12-month Membership, complete with hundreds of articles, videos, and forums for ongoing discussion and learning (valued at $3,333)
Lifetime re-attendance for just $888 (not including travel and accommodation)
Certificate of Completion
Please Note: Meals, refreshments, and materials are not included and are charged separately as part of the Meeting Package. Accommodation is not included.
Your Program begins the moment you register. 


Register Today, and Transform Your Life!

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